Best Community Experience

Best Community Experience


When you don't have any environment and people to guide and help you then the communities will come to assist. And you can't maintain consistency in learning but when you have a group of people, they also learned the same thing which helps you to learn things quickly. These like-minded people are found in communities. Communities play a vital role for every student and professional. In this article, I share my community experience and learnings from the communities.

What is Community?

A group of individual people that share their experiences, and knowledge and learn from each other quickly and efficiently.

If we see two people and they are connected, they share their knowledge, and experiences and guide each other because as humans we like to share and learn from each other. If these two are connected with another person then the trio shares.Then if we connected with the group of people that forms a community.

The main principle of every community is to help and guide you and it follows giving back to the community in any form like content, sharing resources, guidance, and mentoring us.

Grow together with community

Why do you need to join a community?

  • Communities are the best place to find the right solution for your problem.

  • Communities can help you with Networking

  • Increases your potential and you will learn new stuff as being part of tech communities

  • Will make you better at communication by sharing your knowledge

  • Communities can help you find your next path

  • Can help you to get started with new technology

  • Communities will help you to keep an eye on upcoming events, and programs.


  • Problem-solving

Communities help you to solve your problems and your doubts.

  • Networking

With the help of communities, we can network with others.

  • Growing skill

By being part of communities, you will grow your skills.

  • Collaboration

You can collaborate with other folks and build amazing projects, conducts sessions, and many more. By collaborating you will expand your knowledge.

  • Passion

You can discover your passion, and as part of the community, you can express your passion in different formats knowing about new technology, creating content, and speaking at conferences.

Best Community Experience

Being part of communities, I am learning and improving my knowledge. If you don't have any person to solve your doubts and help to understand the stuff, then the communities are helpful to you. I am knowing new resources and opportunities from the communities only. Let's see which communities I am a part of and how they helped me.


WeMake devs is a community that provides free hands-on training in various fields of computer science and follows a learn-by-doing approach.

WeMakeDevs community provides

  • Courses

Courses in computer science fields such as DSA, Computer Networking, and DevOps.

  • Spaces

WeMakeDevs conducts Twitter spaces on various concepts of Tech with amazing developers.

  • Challenges

WeMakeDevs provides Monthly blogging challenges and you can win amazing prizes.

  • Mentorships

WeMakeDevs also provides 1-1 mentorships.

  • Open-source

WemakeDevs provide guidance on open-source and WeMakeDevs is open-source, so anyone can contribute to it.

How is the WeMakeDevs community helping me to grow?

I know about communities through communityClassroom which is now named as WeMakeDevs and CommunityClassroom is the first community that I was a part of.

The courses that WeMakeDevs provides are helping a lot. I really like the way of teaching kunal bhai he first makes the environment of what we are going to learn then he goes deeper into the topic.

As WeMakeDevs has blogging challenges, I am consistently participating in these challenges since October 2022 and it is helping me to build consistency, improve my blogging skills, and in building a personal brand.

I got to know about open-source from Kunal bhai and WeMakeDevs is an open-source community, which helps me to get started with open-source.

My small open-source contribution to the WeMakeDevs community.

The spaces provided by WeMakeDevs are helpful and it conducts spaces on various topics and they collaborate with amazing developers.


Aviyel is an open-source community that helps communities to power up their communities.

Aviyel community

  • It helps to connect communities, GitHub, slack, and discord within the aviyel website.

  • It helps to find open-source projects and it displays the active issues and contributions.

  • Aviyel community provides community customization and organizes events.

  • Aviyel conducts events on various topics with the collaboration of amazing communities.

  • Aviyel community is also open-source, anyone can contribute to it.

How Aviyel community helping me to grow?

I wrote my first blog as part of the Aviyel Hackthoberfest event and every blog is published on Aviyel Community.

The aviyel community is too helpful because even as a beginner in blogging they supported us a lot and provide feedback for our blogs.

With the Aviyel community, I build amazing connections and they are very humble.

Aviyel conducts events in collaboration with amazing people that help me to know them and their organizations.

What I like about the Aviyel community, it provides a reward of coins for your contribution. My profile is on Aviyel.


CoCode is a community that focuses on networking and a friendly nature community.

CoCode community provide

  • The CoCode community has amazing members that help to learn from each other.

  • It also conducts Blogging challenges on different topics.

  • It conducts sessions on Discord.

  • It brings extraordinary developers for sessions.

  • The CoCode community provides resources and the CoCode members help to solve our doubts.

How CoCode community helping me to grow?

The coCode community has amazing members that share resources that help to know them.

The sessions are helpful for me as it keeps sessions on various topics.

They resolve our doubts.


Showwcase is a community for developers to build, connect, and find opportunities, and jobs. It creates a chance to get paid for the work you do. It helps to network, and connect with other people.

Showwcase community provides

  • Connections with stunning developers.

  • It contains various contains that you can connect.

  • It provides you to build a portfolio.

  • You can create content in showwcase such as blogs, videos, and threads.

  • Showwcase organizes various events and sessions.

How Showwcase community helping me to grow?

Showwcase provides networking with amazing developers from around the world.

I build a portfolio with the showwcase.

Here is the link:

I write shows(blogs) in the showwcase. I share my learnings in the form of shows.

Showwcase helps to be a part of communities that are specific to the concepts.


Eddiehub is an open-source community that focuses on getting started with open-source and collaboration.

There is no gatekeeping in Open Source, this fosters a real sense of collaboration, communication and career development"

Eddiehub community provides

  • The Eddiehub community helps you to get started with an open-source contribution.

  • It provides courses and blogs on various tracks of tech.

  • It provides a single link ie., Linkfree that contains your social media handles, milestones, and information about upcoming events and anyone can write a testimonial for you.

  • It conducts live streams on Eddiehub's youtube channel that solve your doubts.

  • The community members of the Eddiehub community are always ready to help you.

How Eddiehub community helping me to grow?

Eddiehub is an amazing community if you want to get started with open-source.

It helps me to create an amazing linkfree.

Here is my Linkfree and if anyone would like to add testimonials, they can

The community is super helpful to me. They always help you and correct your bugs.

The Greateness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

If anyone would like to start an open-source contribution, they can start with Eddiehub.

How to Get Involved in Communities?

The steps you need to follow to get involved in communities are as follows.

Step 1

Identify and figure out the communities.

As there are lots of communities are there, choose the communities as per your interest in the tech.

My Example is :

WeMakeDevs community

Step 2

Join their communities like slack channel, discord channel. Then introduce yourself to the community.

Joining the communities, helps you to ask your doubts and definitely at least one person from the community can answer your question.

You can join channels through the website, as the community websites keep their channel links.


Step 3

Staying up to date with the communities. You can follow their social handles.

We need to know about the communities that we are a part of. What is happening in the community, can be done by keeping the eye on their social media.

Step 4

Open-source contribution

Contribute to the community, go to the Github repo, and start contributing. Find issues related to your interest, if you can't ask in their channel.

Step 5

Be active in the community.

Help others and be humble to answer everyone's questions.

Learn and build connections.

Attend Meetups and conferences.


As communities are helping to learn stuff and know new things. Being part of communities, I am knowing and learn new stuff and build connections.

Communities are a great way for people to collaborate, innovate, support each other, and grow in their career.

I hope you like my community experience. Let me know in the comments which communities you have been part of.

Connect with me for being part of my journey.