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One to One mentorship session with Tapas Adhikary

One to One mentorship session with Tapas Adhikary

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As you know, Mentorship means the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person. For example, a mentorship includes discussions between a junior person seeking advice from their senior.

I am Iqra Firdose, I recently got an opportunity to have a mentorship session with Tapas Adhikary sir. So, In this article, I will be sharing what we discussed. I got this opportunity from Eleftheria Batsou. A big thanks to Eleftheria ma'am for this opportunity.

Who is Tapas Adhikary?

For the people who don't know about Tapas Adhikary and want to know who is Tapas and what does he do. Here is a small introduction of him.

You can know more about Tapas sir, here

Mentoring session

I will be sharing my experience of the session in the form of questions and their answers i.e. questions that I asked Tapas sir and the answers, explanations e he gave me, and our discussion.

Becoming a front-end developer in 2023?

It is good to become a front-end developer. Learn the Basics and move to higher levels. Build projects and do open-source contributions. Showcase your work. And upskill yourself.

In the long run, which tech stack goes?

Javascript is going too long in demand. And security applications are being used more in upcoming years. We have a lot of data and we need to maintain it properly. so, we will use more security applications. And AI(Artificial Intelligence) is coming with lots of new stuff.

Views on AI?

Next, AI is going to check our resumes and if it is good then the resume will be seen by the recruiter.AI is doing amazing work but the feel and personal understanding are done by humans.

Projects that will help you to crack companies?

  • Firstly, find a problem that is around you and see the difficulties you are facing then try to build a solution for it.

  • Built a project and make it open-source which will help you to enhance the project more. With this, You will understand the role of open-source maintainers.

  • Contribute to open-source projects and try to add value to the project. The contribution you made needs to be appreciated. Then, keep that contribution in your resume.

Project-based learning vs learning then building

It seems like which came first ๐Ÿ˜€

When you have an idea for the project and you start building it, you don't know what concept you need to use.

And if you continuously learn the concepts and you are not applying your knowledge anywhere then there is no use. There is no end to anything. Technology changes, and updates.

The solution is:

  • Have an idea of the project.

  • Break the project into smaller parts.

  • Then, learn those concepts that you are going to use in the project.

  • Then start building the project.

How to get a remote job?

Showcase your work

  • Build a good GitHub profile

  • contribute valued open-source contributions

  • Build connections and network with people

  • learn in public and share what you learn

  • Help others

How blogging will help us?

It will help you to showcase your work. You will learn new things and concepts. You are helping others and sharing your knowledge. If you are consistent then it will become your side hustle.

The right format for writing an article?

You will learn this by reading other developers' articles. When to use images, how many paragraphs you need to include in an article, and many more.

Read good developers' articles and understand how they are writing, then try to apply the things that you learn.

How to find open-source projects?

See the projects in Git Hub. check if they have a community. Join the community. Then the community will help you to find the contributions and that also helps you to build connections and learn from others.

How to grow and involve in communities?

Don't focus on Followers, focus on credibility. Help others and share your knowledge. Try to add value to others.

Consistency is very important in everything. Do your work consistently, the result automatically shows to you but it takes time.


So, these were the questions that I asked in my mentoring session with Tapas sir. The session was very informative for me and I learned so many things from this session. I got clarity on how I should go ahead and what things I need to follow by this session.

I hope this blog will also help you and that you will find it helpful.

Till then, keep smiling and help others.

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