A Story, who comes out of her Comfort Zone-DevRetro 2022

A Story, who comes out of her Comfort Zone-DevRetro 2022


2022 has certainly been less of a year and more of a roller coaster. In all seriousness, 2022 had taught me many things, or maybe it would be more correct to say I never got a chance to learn so much in a year because we humans generally learn from our experiences, exploration, and mistakes. So, Here is my Journey

How it is started?

I am a person who doesn't know what is going on outside and the resources that exist. I do not know any programming language in the 11th and 12th standards. I know about programming in my Engineering. I learned programming languages for my college education and I don't go beyond it but I try to build something out of it.

First, I learn the c language, With this, I got knowledge about programming and the basics of language.

Then, I learned about python and I try to build a simple game Rock, Paper, and Scissors. I know about the Random module in python that automatically chooses an option and I thought why not build a game which I used to play?

Then as per the college schedule, I learned java, HTML, and CSS. I always have the curiosity to build something and to write my own programs. So, I created a Text currency converter in java and build small things using HTML and CSS.

I come out of my comfort Zone

I was in a box, I don't have any social media handles like Linkedin, Twitter, Github, and Hashnode. I was in a circle, learning things from college and then writing exams to it. But I always try to build something of it like applying my knowledge.

I don't know the opportunities and resources available on the internet are immense. Then I started watching Ishan Sharma videos, and with this, I am getting to know about the opportunities and resources to learn to program. And I also get to know about open source from Kunal Kushwaha. I got a laptop in 2022, then the journey of 3 months begins. It is very difficult for me to get started because I did not know how to use the applications. In the end,

step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Growth takes place when you are challenged ,not when you are comfortable.

Journey of 3 months


The journey of three months started in October. I just know Hacktoberfest is an open-source contribution program. I really wanted to start my open-source journey, then I created my GitHub account then the open-source started. Here, you can check out more about my Hacktoberfest experience and it,s my first article in Hashnode.

And, successfully completed Hacktoberfest 2022 and the open-source journey goes on

Technical Writing with Aviyel

I didn't even know that I can able to write articles that are going to be read by people. I randomly got to know about Hackthoberfest with Aviyel at that time, I don't have any idea what the program is. Aviyel reviews our articles if they like them then they published them on aviyel. All my articles are published on Aviyel. This is the first article that I wrote in my life, when my article is published happiness is on the cloud.

And, you can check out my other articles onAviyel. And the best part is that I became a top creator in three weeks.

And, the final results are announced.

Attended a first offline event

Hacktoberfest 2022:Docker extensions "show-n-tell" event is organized by Ajeet sir . Learn about docker and know about amazing docker extensions. And made some friends and connections.

Technical writing with Hashnode

I get to know about hashnode from kunal kushwaha then I started writing blogs on hashnode. check out my articles here

And the WeMakeDevs community organizes Hashnode blogging challenges, I started taking part in it in October and I won the November challenge.

Some other stuff


Twitter is a great place to learn about the development and other stuff. you can check out me on Twitter iqra firdose. I made some friends and they are doing amazing work .check them out Amena 💫 , MISS CREATIVE,Zainab Nisa, and Rumi✨. And, I also started writing blogs on Showwcase.

And, I win the first giveaway on Twitter given by Eleftheria bostow. Twitter is so supportive, you learn from others and you are motivated to do things and upskill yourself.



I build some projects to apply my learnings. I and my team build a website for a Community Service Project (CSP) as it is in our college schedule. CSP is a service that we need to give and provide awareness in the villages. Then we need to give a presentation on our CSP, what we did, and how we did it. And we won first prize for the best presentation. Thankful to all my team members.

Google clone

I built a google clone using HTML and CSS .check it out here .

Instagram clone

I built an Instagram clone as part of a Devtown Bootcamp. Check this out here.


I like to be a part of communities .with the help of communities you will learn together and you can help others. I created a small community on Whatsapp where I and my friends share any opportunities and programs that are going to held.

Lessons I learned

Better late than never

I started my journey in October. I have regret that I did not begin early but everything happens for a good reason. It does not matter where you are, start now and do your best.

Sit down and Regret , or Work hard and profress.

It's your choice to make.

Blaming your surroundings is an excuse

When I get started, I do not have anyone to tell, do like this, and so on. Just start your journey you will find the way. Stop blaming your surroundings I do not have any environment to do things, start it and create the environment.

Help others and Share with others

If you get an opportunity to help someone, help them. and whatever you know share with others. If something doesn't work for you, might work for someone.

Don't compare yourself with others

Do not compare yourself with the person who started earlier. Compare yourself with your yesterday of yourself.


Thankful to everyone who supports and helps me in the journey. And, I will try to upskill more in 2023 and learn new things. Till then, be happy and help others.

Be a part of my journey